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    WTB: HH Explorer Ultralight or Warbonnet Blackbird

    Hi guys!

    I'm trying the impossible here, getting the cost, quality and economy equation to add up
    As stated in the title I'm looking for either a Hennessy Explorer Ultralight - I need the length and would like to save some grams - or a Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1, double layer is prefered, but single is fine as well. Zip is wanted in both cases.

    The last part of the equation is the shipping. I live in Sweden so I, of course, would like to have it shipped here

    I hope this can work out! Thanks!


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    HH ultralight explorer. I spend nearly half the year sleeping in the woods in mine and I find it has more room than a Blackbird. It also seems like more blackbird owners are selling their hammocks than Hennessy owners, just look at the for sale threads. You are talking about two of the most popular brands and models. Both are great hammocks and yes I am biased towards Hennessy but that's because it has taken such good care of me.
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