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    I'm back in line with you too StaplesHuskies.

    We were getting 2 Blackbirds, 1 new (on its way) and 1 used.

    Used guy couldn't let go of it so I ordered the 2nd from Brandon yesterday.

    My 1st was under 3 weeks though. 18 days from order to ship.

    iirc Brandon was moving to a new facility. Maybe that move is done and lead times will ease off a bit.

    Either way there's plenty of learning to do to keep us busy.

    Thank God for hammockforums!

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    i agree Adino, if i didnt have the forum this whole time to keep me busy i might have just gone insane... plus it helped me figure out what i gonna do with the rest of my set-up 30 ft crl with prusiks tied to my tarp so i can adjust it, 8 ft guylines, and the insulation for my black bird. its spose to be here tomorrow! cant wait
    Every day you wake up in the trees is a good one

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