I think I am going to take on the challenge of making my own hammock. I went by to take a look at ENO hammocks today at a local store, but decided they cost more than I wanted to spend. After doing some reading on DIY Gear Supply and tothewoods.net, here's my plan:

-1.9 oz ripstop nylon from Walmart (not sure what the width is) ***how much length should I get?
-2' 1/16" polyester drawcord for whipping the ends of the hammock
-12' 1.9mm Tech Line for a structured ridge line
-6' 1/8" Amsteel Blue to attach the SRL (I think this is what it's for...this is what diygearsupply.com said on their DIY hammock guide)
-30' 1/8" Amsteel Blue for the whoopie slings
-I am pretty sure I have some old polyester straps I can use for tree huggers (free!)
-I'll buy 2 carabiners locally with a gift card (free!)

I'm hoping to keep all of this around or under $50

So far I know the drawcord, amsteel, and tech line will cost ~$18.

I'm 6'3'' and 170 lbs, and familiar with knots (Eagle Scout). I'm wanting to use this for relaxing afternoons. Once I get the hang of this, I might add some more gear to make it possible to spend the night in this rig.

Any thoughts or suggestions?