Greetings folks..
I have been on here now for a couple years, and I wanted to express my thoughts on HF. Some time back, I found a vid on Youtube and watched it, it was called Hoosier hang. Bonsihiker made it, and I contacted him. Long story shortened, I joined HF and went to a few of the hikes. WOW what a great time.
This year I blessed enough to have my college son come with me to the 3rd annual Hoosier Hang, and what a great time. I didn’t get to chat much with the “gang” but had a great time spending it with Jeremiah, and my friend Shannon.
Mule, Bonsi,Wildcat, Stay Puf, Gargoyle, and many others, have become friends only through this site. I really have no clue who “owns” this site, but thanks…As some know, I was a bit miffed last year over something that happened on here, at that time I decided to allow my membership to expire. After some quiet time, and the last hang, I venture to say the 20 bucks is worth the friendships I have gained from the site. I have decided to bury the hatchet, and re-new my membership on here….I like the site and the people on it. life is too short to hold grudges.