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    think of making a 'HOBO' quilt and need some advice please :o)

    Hi )

    Now Bob needs a new top quilt but its hard times here in euro crisis hit Spain and Mrs Bob seems to think that food for the kids ranks higher that that nice down top quilt I had my eye on (she needs to get her priories sorted out says Bod, once she is safely out of ear shot )

    Any way I do have three synthetic 2 session 7C / 44F bag and I was wondering what you would think there temp range wound be if I was to lay under the bag ie both layers on top of me please ?

    I think I would be able to use two of them to cobble together a double thickness top quilt. It will be heavy as hell but beggars cant be choosers.

    I live in the south of Spain on the mediterranean coast. I can see across the water to Morocco on a clear day. So it has not snowed here since that last iceage However it can get a but chilly at night with the off sea breeze blowing but never sub zero.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Have a great day guys and Girls and keep hanging !

    Kind regards


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    the general rule of thumb when layering insulation is...

    Subtract the highest rated item from 70F* and divide by 2; subtract the result from the lower rated item.

    So, a 20F* bag over a 40F* bag should be comfy @...
    (40-70=30/2=15; 20-15=5) approximately 5F*. This isn't a super scientific standard but as I mentioned a general rule of thumb.

    In your case it's hard to say. 44-70=26/2=13, 44-13=31F* so maybe right at freezing. If I were you in your location/climate I would make one into a TQ and one into an UQ. Then focus on blocking the wind with a poncho, or creative site selection, or a combination of both.
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    thank you AaronAlso,

    Those number are real useful, 0 C will be just find for a top quilt for me around here.

    Fortunately I do have a good under quilt made by snugpak for DD hammocks and a DD XL tarp that is if anything too big

    Still with them numbers the Hobo quite is looking good to go. These sleeping bags cost me 5 Euros each in a one euro store so no big loss if the project go's south.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply

    Have a good day

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