Strapped I have not tested this at all but I am pretty sure it would work. Just be cautious sitting down and see how much it flexes. If it is 1 solid piece i cant imagine it breaking. (If you are using sections then that could possibly be a weak point depending on how you are attaching the sections.) It may flex a lot but I doubt it would be an issue. If your suspension attaches close to where the pipe hangs then there really is not a lot of leverage. If you are attaching your suspension a foot or more away from where the pipe hangs then you are increasing the leverage. Try it slowly at first and report how it acted. I would bet on you having no issue but hey I could be wrong. I would try it.

CamRuns. I would not advise hanging that low if you are going to be over concrete or pavement. Your hammock will tear in a heartbeat. I have a hole in my cheap hammock from hitting concrete. You can try it but I am sure rocks and other debris would be just as hazardous.