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Liking that angle cut cut more and more. Coming out in pairs now, that's great,
Olddog and others,

Some more detail on how I did these stands; I purchased the 8 ft 2X2 lumber and used a speed square to measure and with a battery powered skil saw. I cut two at 15* and one at 25*, to make one side, and then attached the hinge as shown in the pictures. I then took the tape measure after assembly and measured from the side angle tips down 6 1/2 Ft. I adjusted the skilsaw to cut at about a 10* angle, and angled the bottom cuts so that it happened that when the tripod is spread out, those cuts are relatively level with the floor.

Some issues with this angled top; you have to very carefully adjust the three legs into a symmetrical point. Also, the wooden legs will slide apart on a smooth floor, so I added some leather straps to a second set for the hardwood floor. On regular carpet they work fine, as well as the outdoors. And, it does fold up nearly into a three sided bundle. The T Hinges are the smaller ones that have three holes on the long side. I just wanted my center pole hang point to be "centered". I use a quick link chain piece to make a place to tie the rope, which is just looped around the pole.