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I'm sorry I definitely wasn't trying to shut anyone's idea down.
Just don't think we could get much more stable that the gate hinge for the tripods. I mean, eventually, things have to hit a point where they just can't get any better than they are. I literally read hundreds, probably 250-300 pages yesterday full of different ideas. Many things still need a lot of refinement, but I'd say THESE tripods are about perfect. All the guess work is done and the method is tried and true. Choosing this design to follow was a no brainer based on everything I read.
I would love to see more ideas/pictures for simple suspension and things so I can start to tweak/perfect mine. I know at least 72 people have built one of these, but I didn't see pics of 72 stands.
I need more pics!!!
Just kidding you.

I think it's pretty perfect too but we're all still on the search for lighter and more compact. All innovations welcome!

I must like 'em, I keep making them.