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    The diagrams in this thread helped me a ton yesterday at Home Depot. I was able to measure my 2x2s and cut them right in the store. I took the top rail to the plumbing isle and had them cut it with the pipe cutters (nice clean cut).
    This morning I stained it and painted the rail. The only thing I did different is I used chain to go from the hinge to the rail.
    Last night was my first night in it and all went well..... as they say " cool beans"
    Quote Originally Posted by hppyfngy View Post
    I've had several people pm me about cutting these angles on the tripods so I thought since I was building another couple I'd show how I do it.

    I am finding I like the length of the legs to be 75" for the longer legs, and 72-1/4" for the shorter one.

    You could make a pattern, but I just eyeball this kind of stuff. I did calculate the spread I thought I wanted originally, but now I just use these rough measurements.

    For a 2x2 that's actually 1-1/2"x1-1/2", (typical size,) I go in 1/4" from the edge and down 4-1/2" for the pair of forward legs of the tripod, and in 1/4" and down 2-1/2" for the third leg.

    So with the two legs lined up, I just lay the hinge on and align everything so I can see I am on center and the holes are centered on the legs. This works out best as I've ended up with different hinges each time...

    Then once I have the two legs together I line up the third leg and mark it.

    Once it's all bolted together it's a very sturdy system.

    It definitely takes longer to cut the angles but I don't need any lines to limit the spread. Works for me!
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