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I got it as my wallpaper Great Picture! Hope nobody minds

Another thought I had was.... why is that tent there in a hangin' camp??

Inquiring minds need to know

That's for gear storage.

About these stands and using them outside, the first time I used mine, it went over with just the hammock on it, looked like a sail boat taking off, or parasail. Bent the top hinge, so I went to Ace and found some thicker hinges. I also added tie downs. A long piece of amsteel with loops at both ends. Drive one anchor in the ground, hook the loop, up through the steel shackle I used to attach the top rail to the hinge, then down to the ground, pull it tight, and drive in the other anchor until the amsteel is tight, add the tarp and the extra Guy lines help hold it up. Using this, I have not had problems with it blowing over. I think I posted doing this in an earlier post....RR