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As a follow-up to my previous post....

Had a wonderful night's sleep. However, some observations/comments about my TDS. First - I made a bonehead move when cutting my top rail pipe. I finally found and purchased two, 10' toprails with swaged ends for connecting. I made mine 14', but cut from the same end on both - leaving me with two swaged end pieces rather than just one - DOH!! Had bought the end caps - so won't be using those, as a result.

Second - I am suspect of the lightweight T-hinges I used. Definitely prone to bending, and makes the stand rather rickety feeling. Will be swapping out for heavier ones. I also could barely fish an S-hook through the open hole - and had to use a small one because of the hole size. So, the next morning I fashioned up a continuous loop out of 7/64 Amsteel and girth hitched it to the hinge, and connected a galvy 'beiner to that:

Also - left my legs at full length - will be reducing by 6-12".

Will get it all sorted out - sure easy to set up!!!! Thanks again everyone who contributed to the TurtleDog Evolution Revolution!!
Those hinges you are suspicious of are doing yoman service for a lot of us, I don't really think you will have any problem, also the hole can be drilled out so a metal link will go through it, probably safer than putting line through the hole. From the pics you have done a fine job, and I'm also envious of your location.