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I am sorry if this has been mentioned before. I started reading this thread a few days ago and was a hundred pages into it before I realized I was only a 1/3 through. So much info at once and I probably missed it. If I use 2x3 to make my stand how much do you think it can hold? I am 235ish and would like to know if that is it or if my kids or my Honey could get in with me. Anyone one have a good questimate on the weight capacity?
Again sorry if I missed it or haven't read it enough.
From my personal experience, the weak point is the top rail. I'd use a more sturdy top rail if I was looking to add weight capacity before I'd upgrade the legs. It obviously wont hurt anything to add more sturdy legs, but I'd guess the top rail would bend before the legs fail (assuming you are using the standard chain link fence top rail most use on the TDS). With a more sturdy top rail I'd guess I could safely get 350-400 lbs. on my stand as long as there wasn't a lot of swinging around, etc.