Hi all.

I am a long time lurker here who has finally decided to step into the light...with questions. =) Before I begin, this place is awesome. There is no way I could experience the comfort and serenity of backwoods hammocking without the combined contributions of this forum. I really am appreciative of what you guys have here.

On to the point...I am planning a SOBO AT Thruhike leaving in early June and I am dialing in my final pack contents. Currently, I have a 1.1 Single Layer Blackbird on order from WB, but the two week lead time has given me a lot of time for second guessing =P

I originally ordered the 1.1 SL for the weight savings, and because, at 5'10" and 140 lbs, I knew the single layer would support my weight just fine.

What I am now concerned about is the durability of 1.1oz fabric as my everyday bed for the next 6 months. I'm most concerned of the possibility of snags and rips from underbrush and pocket contents. In light of this I am considering upgrading to the 1.1 DL.

Honestly, I would prefer the single layer as I have no need for pads, there is a small weight savings, and I would not have to further delay my order's arrival. (The wait is killing me!!!) That being said, I would sacrifice these things to ensure the longevity of my bed on this hike.

What do the experts (you guys) think? Anyone used a WBBB 1.1 SL for a thru before?

Thanks for your help!