Last October, I spent a week with Mors Kochanski. Mors showed us the Mors Scarf, a multi-purpose bivvy/garment/scarf. Another student, Jason Gustafson, was standing next to me. We looked at each other, and both of us said, "Add end channels and that's a hammock!" Mors gave me his ok to make them, and Jason has been encouraging me to get it done.

In order to make the primary function of the Mors Scarf to be a hammock, I changed the dimensions. It is similar in size to the TTTG Light Hiker, and it turned out to be a very comfortable hammock! It is also an effective breathable bivvy sack, an emergency coverall, a scarf, and more!

Introducing the Molly Mac Gear Survival Hammock. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

- MacEntyre

P.S. Thing1 and I were just talking about the possibility of flipping the hammock so that the noseeum window is on the upper layer, then getting in between the layers while it is in hammock mode... for a bugnet hammock!