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    Tarp line hernias

    Anyone know what caused my tarp lines to do this? Age? Heat? Angry gods? The rips seem to be where the cord was folded and tied into a bundle. Yesterday I set up my DN for the first time and the lines were fine. Bundled them back up the way they were packed and today when i go to the lake and set up for the second time I find 4 out of 6 tarp lines like this.

    I'm obviously gonna have to replace the tarp lines. Anyone have any suggestions about what cord i should buy? I was going to just buy enough of whatever i get to use as a structural ridgeline as well as tarp line. Maybe some Zing-it?


    P.S. The lines seems to still be able to hold the pressure. It was a very windy day and they kept the tarp pretty snug. Just don't think I need to risk it in the jungle tho.

    This is where i had lunch today.
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