I just received my DangerBird 72 Dbl yesterday and slept in it last night. I apologize, there are no pics because I can't upload them at work and my computer is down at home.
I picked the colors: outer layer is Burgundy and the inner layer is Champagne, and the top cover is black. I call it my wine and champagne hammock. It is beautiful and so big. I laid in it and immediately found my sweet spot. I have never had this happen in any of my other hammocks. I always had to move around a bit to find that spot, and in some of my hammocks I never found it.
The material is soft and smooth and feels great. (It is a bit heavier, especially since I got a double layer) It came with the suspension (whoopies, tree straps, SRL and a ridgeline organizer), so it was ready to go. I love the ability to use the bugnetting or the top cover. It was warm so I only zipped up the bugnetting and the top cover stored nicely in it's stuff sack tucked neatly up in the peak of the hammock. Love that.
PapaSmurf did an outstanding job on the hammock. The stitching is straight and strong. I love this hammock and it is now my go to hammock. Thank you Randy..... Keep up the great work!!!!!!

P.S. I almost overslept and was late for work this morning.