After purchasing my new thread injector last week here's my latest creation...well almost, it just needs some nice fluffy white stuff put inside. Extremtextil was out of stock of their 860fp (EU scale) down, my order is on hold while they wait for a delivery.

It's a box walled construction made from Pertex microlight, the quilt width tapers towards the foot end, the dimensions are/should be...

Length: 1.90m/75"
Head width: 1.32m/52"
Foot width: 1.13m/44.5"
Baffle height: 4cm/1.5"
Loft: 5cm/2" Ill find out when it's stuffed.
Weight: somewhere around 550g/19.5oz with down and hardware.
It should be rated to about 0C/30F.

Laid out, the left hand side is open waiting for the down to arrive.

Baffles and chambers.

Contrasting stitching on top drawcord channel.

Bottom drawcord detail - I won't be using this cord, I have some lighter stuff on order.

I'm just using my phone so the WB and colours are all over the shop, it's a greenish blue colour.

Overall I'm really impressed but am going crazy waiting for the down, should be about 2-3 weeks apparently. I'll update this thread/post with more photos once I've got it all finished, I just wanted to share what I had so far