I'm curious why people dont use buttons to get the underquilt to attach to the hammock. If both the quilt and hammock are made to the same width, it seems like this would work well. You can still do the shockcord on the head and foot to eliminate drafts.

Is it because the the quilt would then be wider, thus heavier that people don't do it? That they dont need the insulation that high on the hammock? Worried that the button holes would be a problem creating a weak spot for a rip? Does it create coldspots somehow? Is it the lack of adjustablitly? Please tell me it isn't that buttons are too heavy.

I'm looking at my kids hammocks, and the primaloft underquilts I'm working on. I can't see a reasonable excuse why it wouldn't work. Buttons on the grosgain edges on both would seem more fiddle-free for a small person, and unlikely to cause the ripstop to tear. The extra material is not going to create a very signifigant source of weight (I can handle the extra .5 - 4 oz.)

What am I missing?