I am the happy owner of a Shangri La Tarp. The tarp has a foot-end that is tapered and a head-end that ls longer for more coverage. When I first put it up in my backyard, I accidentally hung it backwards.

One of the things I really like about hanging it this way is I get winter-like coverage for the head-end of my hammock, but I can stand up at the foot end of my hammock and still be covered. Plenty of head room when sitting too. I took it on trip to the Blue Ridge this weekend and hung it that way. It worked great. Getting up at night and going to the restroom, I had no accidental head-into-tarp incidents. Kinda hard to explain, so here is a picture:

I asked for double sided, pull out loops when I ordered it, and I initially thought I would use these on the head-end to help with BB tie outs. Not shown in this picture, but it turns out that I can comfortably sit or stow a kermit chair underneath the foot end when I use the pull outs. (BTW- a Kermit chair is a chair used by motorcyclists to sit around a camp fire and swap stories). In other words, plenty of room, regardless of which way it is put up.

This is a fantastic tarp. THANK YOU AHE !!!