Dear forum, please help. I want to make my own winter TQ (at least 0F rated) and, as is apparently usual, being in the UK doesn't help.

In return for your kind advice I'll shower you with photos and gratitude.

Things you'll want to know before you give me any advice you've got:

- I've never used a sewing machine but I can at least borrow one and practice on some old sheets. The friend who owns it says she may even be able to do the sewing if I provide wine and diagrams. Even drunk, she'd probably out-sew me.
- I'm only 5'6 so it can be short to save weight. And sewing.
- Weight is not as important to me (cycle tourist) as to the majority of you (hikers, I gather).
- It needs to be warmer than the sun* as it's for some cold winter conditions. Think Siberia.
- I don't know what's the best material to use but breathable, durable and 'not sticky when skin is slightly sweaty' sounds good. Colour doesn't matter as long as it's not outrageous neon.
- I want to use top grade down but I don't know where best to buy it or how much I need. Mat from UKHammocks, if you're reading (please please be reading), I know you sell it and know that your prices reflect it being hard to come by, but I really want to get it cheaper than you're offering. I'd like to support my local supplier as I've been happy with what you've sold me so far, but I'm afraid I'm too poor. Hence the DIY.
- I hate velcro.
- I'm happy with a simple rectangular blanket shape as I'm used to just tucking a blanket under my feet and shoulders in bed, so I don't necessarily need a footbox or neck toggle. I think I'll be needing baffles, based on the threads and links I've already seen on here.
- I have plenty of stuff sacks already. Let's not go crazy with the DIY.

Plan B is to buy one of Mat's hand-made beauties. I'd say there's more than a 50% chance of that.
Plan C is to buy one from the US - preferably second hand from the forum - but postage and import taxes have already discouraged me. So much for our governments being mates. In the meantime, if one of you wants to get your boss to have a word with ours about this, I'd be much obliged.

Thanks for reading; thanks again if you post.