Hello all,

Well Bob is totally broke but needs a new top quit as my old down sleeping bag come to a sad end when the wife decided to wash it in the washing machine (its not pretty)

Only having about 40 EURs to spend I had to make do so here is what I come up with. The Idea is to sleep under both layers of the bag thus incressing its temp range. However the bag is to narrow to use that way. So I boutgh two and Sitched them togeather to make a top quilt. The two edges of the top bag have been sealed using Velco so I can place addtional inserlation inside the bag if needed.

Its heavy as hell at near 3 pounds (eeekkk ! ) but it is warm, the bags are rated at 7 degrees C so sleeping under both layers of the bag should do down to 0 degrees C so thats 20 degrees F ?

It took a large chank of the long weekend to do , 6 sessions of Stargate SG-1 worth

its made from two 5 euro summer no name brand synthertic sleeping bags stitched togeather. Then the lower bag was slit and hemmed to make a top quilt.

As I do not have a thread injector all the sewing was done by hand

The tools for the job

the two bags

Lay them on top of each other and stitch around the edges.

like this

then slit the bottom bag and hem the edges to form the foot box and quilt edges.

It packs down to fit in one of the original bags stuff sacks which suprised me.