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    Solunar accepted my return and refunded the purchase price and shipping to me, however i 'm out the return shipping. I contacted The Travel Hammock company and stated my displeasure with the situation and they offered to upgrade me to a Skeeter Beater Pro for no charge!! How about that for customer service!! That is above and beyond what I expected, I was just venting. They are very concerned about their products and customers. I'm looking forward to receiving my hammock soon. To the original poster of this thread, I'd say buy direct, they will take care of you.

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    Chief Hammock Officer, from the Travel Hammock, has been known to post here. They do seem like good people.
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    I received my Skeeter Beater Pro hammock and tried it out. This one was in great shape. One reason I bought this after selling my Hennessey was that i hate bug netting (unless i need it). Now, i can just flip the hammock over and do without conditions permitting. In cool weather the netting looks as if it will hold an insulating pad underneath pretty snug. Anyone here use it for that purpose? I'm experimenting with different hanging methods. The knotted ropes are fine if your trees are the right distance apart and are skinny. I untied all of the knots to give me more length, and have prussik knots with loops on each rope to hang the hammock hooks on. Lots of adjustability now. I just need to make some light spreader bars for the bugnetting and get down to just one cord to support the netting.

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    Glad you got it back!

    I never used the included hooks/ropes. First thing I did was to replace the hooks with rings and the rope with some tie-down straps. Much more flexible IMO.

    So far very happy. I want to do Griz's internal ridgeline mod next.


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