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hope the test went well Red!

Hung up daughter's hammock and sat in it and the outside edges of the channel didn't seem to be under any extra tension. In fact with all that material so scrunched up the outside edges of the channel may have had less tension since they ended up folded back towards the center/top. Guess that makes sense because the fabric is really under stress in the same part of the hammock width all along the length, that is in the middle of the hammock and not the outer edge.

The larkshead tightens down so well when you first load it that there isn't any sliding of the line back and forth in the channel so I doubt you'd need to worry much about any term sawing action compromising the fabric.
Thanks for the pix. The test hang went well. See Here for results.

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For some reason, I can't get a thumbnail to post. I have a picture in my gallery.

I have a dwg of Eno style whipping, at least how the line is tied. This method is much simpler than it looks the knots outside the fabric are tied after the double overhand knot inside the fabric. I prefer a double fishermans knot instead of the DOH knot inside.

Same picture, 2 links

Thanks for the links Nacra.