I'm pleased to announce that the Hammock Hang Calculator for iOS is finally released! A HUGE thank-you to forum members who joined the development team to beta test and offer recommendations prior to its release.

This is the first and currently only iOS hammock calculator app in the store!

Thanks GrizzlyAdams, TomS, scubacat, fuzzie, and joppabass!

Why a hammock calculator app?

I know there are a lot of new folks out there who might benefit from not only seeing and understanding the basics of hanging a hammock, but also recognizing the physics of a hang: load stress, shear forces, etc.

For me, and maybe others, I use the app when I build and configure hangs indoors or in "permanent" areas where I can measure and get the best hang.

It's also a handy took to show people how hanging works, from a mathematical point-of-view.

I personally love that I can change variables and quickly see the impact on the hammock, the suspension lines, and the anchor points.


Version 1.0 contains the basic hang calculator, validated in both English and Metric units.

Future versions are already in the works to incorporate the built-in gyroscope and accelerometer functions in the iOS devices to further enhance the tool in the field. Some of the future development will hinge on how popular the app is, in order to fully fund the development costs.


For those who are curious, I do not directly benefit from the sale of this app. I initially designed and programmed (with the generous help from forum members) the first interactive hammock hang calculator (still freely available!), but I kept wishing (like many others) that there was a mobile version. I contacted a buddy of mine who builds apps if he would be interested in programming this for the iPhone. All royalties go back to the developer to defray the current and future development costs.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!