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    It took me forever but I finally had time to sew channels in my WBBB hybrid clone. So, for my first attempt I tried this as it was pretty simple, cheap and probably the lightest option.
    Quote Originally Posted by Redoleary View Post
    On the foot end, I still had a slight ridge but it was major improvement. Also, the foot box showed no signs of stress. As for the head end, Its hard to say for sure after just a few minutes but I did feel less pressure on my shoulders and didn't have to struggle to find the sweet spot like I did when I whipped the end using the W gather method.
    I think I'll try a Dowell MSB next and then maybe spring for some biners.
    I got some PVC to try too. Awhile ago I saw this boyscout vid where they formed lengths of it into snowshoe frames by filling them with heated sand. Wonder if it would take the stress if formed into an arc and then placed through the channel. Might save a couple inches of length.
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