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    SOLD: Gear Closet Cleaning Sale

    I am going to put this stuff up on Ebay this weekend. If anyone is interested on this site PM me.

    SOLD Clark Ultralight Hammock & Tarp $90. I bought this in 2001. It has been well taken care of. I just replaced the ropes with the same type rope it orginally had. I never use it since I got into the DIY thing. It is as comfortable as my DIY hammocks but something about using what you made.

    SOLD Jetboil Personal Stove - Used about 5 canisters with Stove. It has the Camo cozy on it. I got into the alcohol stoves and already have a couple canister stoves.

    SOLD Marmot Pounder 40 degree Sleeping Bag- Regular - $90 Still has tags on it. I used it for a couple hours in the hammock as a top quilt under my regular bag. It worked great but I feel the need for a JRB quilt . It has the storage bag but no stuff sack (Marmot will probably send you one). I usually don't compress my stuff as far as the original sacks.

    SOLD Granite Gear Nimbus Access FZ3800 Backpack $120
    I bought this pack on impluse. I had ordered a ULA pack but due to Brian's long hike I could not get it until this year. I used this for one overnight to test it out. It was very comfortable. I have the large belt and straps on it. Granite Gear will exchange straps if you need another size. It weighs about 4.5 lbs. The lid weighs a 1lb due to it converts to a waist pack. It used it without the lid on my overnight. I already had enough packs and now have the ULA Conduit which fits my setup better. This pack could be sold as new and lists for $270

    SOLD Osprey pack belt - bought off Ebay for DIY project that never got out of my head It is a large size and is very comfortable but of course I only had the belt on. Not exactly UL at about 15oz. $5 if you post a picture in the gallery of a project you used it on.

    Now for the truth, I want some more gear and my wife says something has to go so these are the toys I think I can part with. Prices stated above plus actual shipping charges. These are the minimum price I will sell on Ebay after I post them.
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