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Nice review.
Thanks Boomer did I mention anywhere in this thread that I sure do love Hammock Gear quilts and tarps

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Whoooooo Buddy that is right nice stuff.
Just used an HG Hex cuben in the Linville Gorge for 8 nights and it was fun to look up at the pines and beech and the moon. Worked flawlessly!
Yeah Shug, those HG Hex Cuben's are nice. Next on my list of items to order. How did the HG Hex cuben compare to the HG Winter Cuben? The weight of the Hex is 5.2 my winter weighted in at 6.6 that a woopping 1.4 ounces saved by cutting off the doors and 4 extra tie outs. OOOHHH AAAHHH

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Wow! I am so jealous! Get any lighter and you'll be floating on the trail! Wonder if Adam & Jenny will be putting those cuben stuff sacks on the site. Wouldn't mind buying a few of those!
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I hope they do! Maybe even as an option to upgrade to cuben stuff sacks when you first order your quilts? I sure wouldn't mind a few of those either!
Yeah I am not sure what Adam is doing about the cuben stuff sacks I've gotten both 1.1, cuben, 7D and M55 stuff sacks from Adam. But these were all custom orders. I did not want to end up with a stuff sack that was heavier then my quilt .