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    My 1st DL Hammock, Costs and Resources

    The total that I have spent just for the hammock is $47.92 for webbing, amsteel, and 9 7/8 yrds of 1.9 oz ripstop from Hancock with off coupon (normally $5/yrd). I am 6.2, 180lbs, so I made a double layer hammock that is 10.5 ft. I dont have a pad but I might get one latter. I was planning on adding a foot box but not anytime soon, not until I get a better understanding. I have not sewn it yet but I will sometime soon. I tried the standard end whipping but its kind of a mess with it not being sewn, I might try the gathered end method after sewing. Will be using whoopie slings which I already made with marlin spike hitch, with no hardware due to extra costs.
    I am looking to make it cheap and weight isn’t a concern necessarily. I camp mostly in the summer at the state park sites here in Ark, so humidity can be an issue. I would like the option to use this for backpacking latter. I just started researching tarps and bugnets so forgive me if I missed some stuff. How large of a support triangle? I was thinking of using the extra ripstop. How long of a strap does it need? Which is better a straight stitch or box stitch? After looking at how much the final cost will be, I think I will postpone making the bugnet and tarp for a while.

    Here is my breakdown of costs. Let me know if this is close and what I can do to reduce costs.

    1 in webbing – 25 ft - @ $0.22/ ft 7
    Amsteel – 50 ft – @ $0.28/ ft 5.5
    Ripstop 7 yrds @ $2.50 / yrds 17.5
    Total 30

    3 /32 Shockcord- 25 ft - @ $0.14/ ft 3.5
    Noseeum- 7 Yrds- @ 3.25 22.75
    Total 26.25


    Chinook Tarp 12x9.6 43.43
    Grosgrain 2 yrds - @ $0.42 0.84
    Thread 3.5
    12 D Rings - @ $ 0.2 each 2.4
    Zingit – 25 ft- @ $0.22 / ft 5.5
    Seam Seal 4.5
    Stakes 10
    Total 70.17
    Final Total 126.42

    So it looks like my total is about $150, this is a rough guess including shipping and tax on some items.

    Just Jeff -

    Shugs youtube -

    PapaSmurfs Weight Calc -

    Xollox Links-

    Diy Gear Supply

    1022 WBBB Clone -

    TheXringHunt WBBB Thoughts -

    Yokon Blackbird Clone-

    Black Goat Gear DL Guide -

    Tree Four Wrap Knot -

    Knotty Gather End -

    Brickwurx Hammock-

    Whoopie Slings
    Griz Youtube HFDHS -

    Opie Locked Brummel -

    Samson Rope Whoppie -

    Gps Geek Blog Whoopie -

    Whoopie Slings and Brummel -

    NomadicPsyche Whoopie Slings Excel-

    Fronkey Bugnet -

    Knotty Bugnet -

    Black Cat Tarp -

    Headchang4u Shock Cord Tensioners -

    NomadicPsyche Tarp Loop-

    Dejoha Tarp Rigging -

    Randy Chinook Tarp -

    Tendertoe Rectangle Tarp Tieouts -

    Diy Gear Supply -

    Dutchware -
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    Wish you would have asked first. 10 ft of webbing may be overkill if all you are using them for is tree huggers. With what you have I would think about 2 10 ft tree huggers and 2 whooppee's made with 10 or 12 ft of amsteel. Between the long straps and shorter whoopee's you will have plenty of adjustability.
    You really need to get the material under control on a DL. If nothing else fold it over and run a foot of seam down each end around the middle of the edge. The end gathers will stabilize the ends. It would probably be worth taking your time and doing a neat accordion fold on the ends if you are not sewing them first.

    I'll be surprised if there are not more replies when I hit send. ;-)

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