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    All the DIY for the past 2 weeks; Diva Cart, UQ, Hammock and more.

    I had started on another DIY binge 2 weeks ago, with 4 days off in the middle do to over exerting myself. I wasn't in a hurry to begin with. I thought I had plenty of time, but I was a week off from when our monthly Ohio hang was, and hadn't done all of our UQ yet, and that is what started my downward spiral and my health issues jumped aboard....and I missed the hang. I was more than a little disappointed to say the least. However, I'm back, I'm ready and here to share. Some of the pictures are not the best.

    First is my "Diva Cart". I was really hoping to field test on this hang...but oh well. I've since been all over the yard and neighborhood while getting all sorts of looks. It is made of CPVC pipe and does have a partial steel rod down through it, so it's not light weight. It comes apart in the middle so that I can fit it in my car. It attaches with a military work belt. I do think I need to pad the belt a bit some how. I should have taken a picture with it all loaded up, but I just didn't think of it. The first pic is an upright view, the second is of it laying down.
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