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    Quote Originally Posted by Graybeard View Post
    You used the term "stuffing" ...

    Sorry, caught using a southernism . I was meaning the material, or stuff, in the bag. Its apprx. 1" thick sheets. I was going to use both the "top" and "bottom" of the bag's material (I'm a REALLY COLD sleeper).

    Also, if you look at JustJeff's page where he talks about the winter hammock, he has a pic where he is laying in it and you can see the stitching running beside his shoulder.

    What I think I'll try is to cut it just smaller than the width of the hammock while its laid flat on the ground. Then tapper the material at the ends.
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    Ramblinrev - the only test I've done is using three versions. Didn't keep track of nights, but my current DownHammock v2 probably has about 60. Hasn't failed yet, but is stretching some at the butt. First version probably had 15 nights on it before I cut it apart. First synthetic hammock didn't fail as an insulated hammock, but I put a pretty good hole in it while ripping the seams to take the undercover off - it had several more nights on it before it failed when I put my foot into that hole. I have one other synthetic hammock that I don't like, have never used in the field, but doesn't look any different than the others.

    Graybeard has another good point here - if you've never used an underquilt before, and if you've never sewn a big project before, try just cutting the existing bag to shape and hemming the edges. Then you'll have a useable underquilt to experiment with to figure out what issues you need to address when you're finally ready to drop some bucks on a lightweight one.
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