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I have the amsteel 7/64 that Coffee uses and I have had no success with the garda hitch. I have some covered in paracord sheath (PIA not worth the time) that worked and I got some 2.8 spyderwire that works great. The amsteel would flatten out without the sheath and slip. It would look like flat webbing after being in the rings.
I just got some amsteel, and your right - its the first cord I've ran upon that won't hold with the garda hitch at all. Its so slippery! What I ended up doing that seems to work, is using the munter mule
this works! There is a little slip as the munter knot turns over but the amsteel line is so small that the slip is almost not noticeable. And it unties easily if you use a slip knot.

This Amsteel is stronger, lighter ( and softer - not sure why that would matter?) and with the munter mule I only need one ring!

There is someone else on here that uses the Garda Hitch (can't remember who), anyway whoever you are - check out the munter mule - only need one ring and it seems to work ok on slippery lines.