A couple of months ago in the IX under quilt thread i wondered about making it permanently attached or in a Clark-style pocket so the UQ could be taken out for warmer weather.

Well, after a lot of time, research, a shipping error (mine, sorry for the wrong address Scott) & needing to build a stand since I have no trees the right distance apart, it is finally done!

Overall specs:

1.9 ripstop
110" RL

UQ Pocket-
70"-ish x 58"

3 layers IX

Since the hammock and UQ are essentially built the way described in other areas of the forum (headchange4u's DIY Hennessy & sclittlefield's IX Underquilt stickies. Add one more person thankful ya'll came up with those!) I'm not going to spend a lot of detail on those.

My changes to the UQ are the width and the pleats for the middle layer. I lay quite a bit off center, so I made it extra wide. It does cover my whole body except for about half of my head. In the second layer, I inadvertently made 2 2" pleats instead of one 4". Doesn't seem to make much of a difference. For the hammock the only thing I did (other than the 144" length) is adding another fold to the ends.

When I got to this point I folded the ends in once more before putting the sides together and whipping. More for looks than any real other reason.

For the pocket, I just roll hemmed a piece of the 1.9 RS a little longer and the same width as the IX UQ. On the short ends I wanted a way to adjust how big the opening was. I sewed a grosgrain tab on each side of the end, attached a length of shock cord to them and pushed the middle through a button hole and a cord lock. Next I hemmed the end with the shock cord inside the hem. Then I layed the hammock on the ground, put the pocket where I wanted & after a lot of pinning sewed it on.

The ridge line is a whoopee sling adjustable 80"-120" long.

the things on the end are monkey fists with the ends turned spliced into a continuous loop. I needed a loop so I could adjust the RL, but I needed something that would not pull through the whipping. So, enter the monkey fist continuous loop.

Everything got whipped together and then I hung it and made sure it would work.

On the stand

Another view, you can see the IX through to end opening.

And finally with someone in it.

A couple of notes. I am going to add some omni tape to the pocket/UQ to hold everything in place. The UQ wants to slide to the bottom. Not a big issue, the pocket is sized so it doesn't had much room to move. I can adjust it from inside the hammock, but it's not easy. The omni tape will keep everything in place as you get in.

Not real cold here, only 65-ish with 10 MPH wind so not a true test of the UQ, but there was a definite difference between with and without.

The TurtleDog stand is brilliant device! Love it! I am going to shorten the legs by 12-18" so it'll fit in my car topper. I had left the legs alone just to get everything set.

My next project is Alamosa's nesting hammock stand.