Set up my new UL BMBH today. I'd put whoopie slings for the suspension. Nothing against the straps/tri-glides that came with it. I've just gotten use to whoopies and prefer them at this point.

This is my first bridge hammock. It took a little adjusting to figure that I set the hammock straps at my arm pit level, and tarp at eye level, to get a good set up. This way the spreader bars don't pop into the tarp as I get in and out of the hammock, yet I get great coverage.

I rigged up my Baby Orca IX UQ to the hammock with no problems. I really like the way it fits with a bridge hammock. NO gaps worries what so ever!

My wife lay in it a short while. When she saw me in it she exclaimed "Wow, that's a flat lay!!" She never got the asymetrical aspect of a gathered end. She likes the bridge hammock. I may be ordering a second one soon.

I can see out of the hammock easily when laying in it. I like that a lot. Plenty of room for my 6'2", 195lb frame.

I'll be taking for an over night trip to the 501 Shelter in PA next weekend. More pics and reviews to follow.

This hammock is ALL that I expected it to be. Very happy with it.

Thanks Jacks!!!