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    DD bugnet mod

    I just replaced the support webbing on my DD bugnet. Although I thought the webbing loops were ok despite being "seconds", after a while they pulled out because they didn't heat seal the ends. I used 3/4" camo grossgrain that I had laying around. I first removed the entire piece of webbing from zipper to the other side. I had to rip out the zipper a little but it was no big deal to sew it back up. Then I made a 20" peice of grossgrain with loops every 4".

    The I simply sewed them on where the taylor's chalk still marked the old webbing location. I also replaced the suspension with camo webbing and tri-glides. Also replace the 3/16" bungee for the netting with 1/16" shockcord although I will need a ridgeline in the future.

    I really like the design of the DD and it will be an easy clone with lighter materials someday. I still have to work on a way to keep the 2 layers closed and I may add tie outs, but it doesn't seem to need it.
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