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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo Skipper View Post
    Not a huge taper, but when I measured, I came up about 1.5" narrower on one end. I would like to hear Paul's take as well....
    Hmmm.... After reading your posts, I went and checked mine. They were the same on each end, although they were shorter than the advertised 44 inches. That might be full stretched distance, my measurement was just sitting loose with all the tension out of the elastics. Even so, I didn't find any taper.

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    We experimented with a few that we tapered ever so slightly....thought they had all been in my quilt stable but sounds like B Skipper may have gotten one that sneaked out on me. Being one of those things that we make by hand, cutting and sewing each one at a time there will be some slight variation one to the next as each member of the crew sets up their sewing the way they prefer.

    As we go we continually refine how we do things, how nearly every product grows and evolves as we make more and more and try to find better techniques to make our products. Looking at the first few quilts versus the ones a year latter versus those we made today you will be able to find minor tweaks, things that either make the product better for the end user or also make our production faster/easier so that we can make more gear for more folks. It's a continually growing and changing process to try to make the best gear we such things are not always the exact same from one to the next.
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    EDIT: Paul replied while I was typing.

    I held mine up end to end and I don't really see much difference between the 2 ends. I did not pull out the ruler but it was >1". I think this variance is most likely from the manufacture of the quilt. I believe they are still hand cut and assembled so that would account for much of it.
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