Hello all, I have been lurking the forums the past week trying to absorb everything in time to try a hammock on a campout north of Phoenix, AZ on May 18th. I'm not sure I'll make it; there is so much more information than I ever dreamed! But it is something I think I'll enjoy if I can find some likeminded people to hang with in AZ. I'm from Idaho but since I moved to AZ 9 years ago, I've only been camping a handful of times, mostly because of a lack of people to go with, as my wife is not a fan. My main hobby is exploring the outdoors on an ATV but I'm looking to get more into camping.

So far, I love the WB BB and the HH Expedition Asym Zip (all included in the package is awesome) but I really have a limited budget for this hobby. I want to keep it under $80 for the hammock, tarp, bugnet, and easy suspension. The frontrunner right now is the Byer Moskito Traveler; I really think I want a built-in bugnet, but maybe you can all dissuade me of its importance. I also want double layer, to use a pad easier.

So, does anyone know of a hammock out there that is double layer AND has a bugnet? One that comes with suspension and a tarp would be even better. Is it even possible to get all of this for less than $80, without a DIY project?

Thanks for all the great info on this site!