I got my finally got my hands on my BB 1.1 DL. I ordered it back in march and had to leave for a trip before it came in. long story short, i've now got it in hand.

I don't know a whole lot about hammocks; my only other exsposure is with ENO double and single nest hammocks. to be honest, i wasn't sure that i would like any other hammock because i really didn't think that any other hammock could beat the soft feel of my ENOs.

Let me just say WOW!

the 1.1 stuff is awesome feeling!! and the BMJ tarp is sooooooo light compared to my other tarp, which is much smaller by the way.

I can't wait to try this puppy out

Thank you Brandon. (even though i screwed up and ordered seperatley, he still got everything sent at one time) I appreciate that.