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    DIY'ed cat cut tarp from 10x10 ez up

    Thought I would share the tarp I made over the last couple mornings. First off if you guys havent figured this out by now Im kind of a "upcycler", one mans trash is another mans treasure kinda guy. I was crusing the neighborhood after our citywide garage sale and found an ez up canopy that took a pretty good beating from the wind so I figured I would take it home. Worst case scenerio I would cover my BBQ grill with it. But needing a rainfly for this weekends hike I decided to try my best to salvage it. And this is the end result . I would like to thank whoever came up with the idea of hangin the material on a wall and draping a string for a cat cut . I must have tried 20 times to hand draw one before I found that gem of a trick. The ridge ends are reinforced with extra material and I sandwiched it all between the nylon loops . Tieouts are just folded over and sandwiched between the nylon. I thought I would add the view of Bear Butte I get from my front yard and my electronic material collection vehicle.I dont know what it weighs but I will get an measurement when I go to the grocery store later just for anyone thinking of doing there is a good 20 mph wind right now Enjoy
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