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Welcome from Las Vegas. You are a very lucky man being so close to Cumberland Island! I lived in Valdosta from 2005 to 2009 and spent a lot of time on Cumberland. Too bad I wasn't hanging yet!
I actually haven't ever been to Cumberland but I'm hoping to get a trip over there soon....but not before I make/buy a bug net of some sort.

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Welcome to the crazyness we call HF!
I spent a few days in Brunswick a while back and had a blast! Have not hanged there yet but crab fishing off the St Simons pier and Jekyll Island pier is our favorite family getaway!


Driftwood Beach on Jekyll is a super fun spot to hang. Especially at night, summertime....nice and cool on the water. Camping is technically a no-no, but it can be done if you're not totally incompetent. Which is why I got busted the one time I tried it. ha