I've purchased a number of pieces of gear over the last few years from packs to cook-kits, tarps and tents, hammocks and stoves with the intent of the teens and college students I work with needing gear for trips. Well those who said they liked the idea have either whimped out or purchased their own. I want a cuben tarp and am looking at an empty bank and a room of unused gear so it's time to clean out on the excess so I can buy something else. Although I hate to do it, it's time for me to clean out my gear room so for starters, I have some stoves that need another home.

These stoves are all several years old (2 -5+) and in good working order. The first two are in like new condition, the third has seen some trail use is a little sooty, but works great. Fuel bottles are NOT included.

I don't have access to pictures at the moment but can provide them for those who would like to see. Product desciption and stats of new stoves like these can be found here.

MSR Dragon Fly Stove - Like New $95.00

MSR WhisperLite International Stove - Like New $75.00

MSR WhisperLite - Good condition, Used a couple of dozen times $50.00

Evernew Ti 1.3L pot and a Caldera Cone that is sized to hold the pot.The pots are available new anywhere from the Mid $50s to Mid $70s + shipping.The Caldera Cone system; wind screen, stove, fuel bottle and caddy run $35. Since a stove set up made for a specific pot size is useless without the pot, I don't see a lot of sense in selling just the pot. Good condition, Used a couple of dozen times Pot and CC $65.00

PayPal only, PayPal fees and shipping CONUS included in the price and if you buy more than one, I'll discount some for combined shipping.