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Thanks for the tip. I will put Dutch Flyz on the shopping list. Looks like they are easy to use. Currently I have the figure 9 prussiced to the CRL so I can do very similar adjustment as shown in the video. Then I can adjust the position of the tarp along the CRL using the soft shackles prussiced the CRL and attached to each end of the tarp.

My tie outs are a little different. I have Zing-It loops tied via prussics along the guy lines then put stakes through the loop. Very easy adjustment. At the tarp end I use loops of shock cord with the zing-it larks headed to them for simple self tensioning system.
I am looking at buying a superfly and emailed Brandon recently as to see what the best ridge line set up was. He recommended to me that it is best to tie out from each end of the tarp to the tree rather then going over or under with a crl because it takes to much tension off the seam. Looks like the crl is working fine for you though. I wonder it Dutch stingerz would work well with this recommendation.