I see a bunch of endorsements out there for the Energizer LED headlamps (in some form or another for all 800 variations of them). However, I don't see as many reviews for these Coleman headlamps, but I think mine is pretty awesome, so here goes. The item can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-200000.../dp/B0038NAVK0

The first thing that I think separates this lamp from the Energizer one is the headband. It's thick and soft, making the lamp "forgettable." I don't feel it moving when I have to move my head quickly.

The second thing I really like about this lamp is that it has several modes to conserve light. I really only use low and high, but there is a medium mode as well. On high, the lamp will last 11 hours on 3 AAA batteries. But on low, where I do most of my work, it will last a whopping 55 hours. However, I really do appreciate the 75 lumens this thing puts out. It really came in handy when I got into camp at night and didn't have daylight time to collect firewood. Having a greater range means less poking around.

As for water resistance, the first night out in this thing brought a TON of rain, and it held up nicely. The battery compartment does have rubber seals, so I believe the manufacturers meant for it to be able to withstand some water exposure.

Finally, the profile is good. At first, I thought it'd stick out a bit too far (width is about 1.5" at its thickest point), but I don't notice the bulk at all.

I would love to see this light with a red LED option. Other than that, though, great LED headlamp that can be had at any Target or Walmart.