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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD777 View Post
    I used the method in the original post for about a year and liked it.

    Then it dawned on me that I could cut out the line under the tarp and make both ends look like the left side in the illustration, just a simple Dutch hook on each end.

    The tarp stays permanently on the TWO ridglelines with Klemheist loops. I adjust the tarp by sliding the two Klemheist loops and don't have to worry about a 3rd adjustment at the second tree.

    I use two 9' sections of line with a stopper knot on the ends to keep teh Klemheist loops from slipping off.

    This is now the simplest tarp suspension I have ever set up.
    I too have been playing around with the seperate lines at each end. This video turned me on to it.

    The nice thing is it uses no hardware. Mike, I think I have an idea what you're talking about, but do you have a pic to clarify?
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