I haves dubbed this the Shula beta. It is strong and looks good from a distance but up close you can see its coming apart at the seams. Lol. I learned how to see on this hammock. The second side was much better than the first side. I don't have any pictures with it up yet because I have not received my amsteel from DIYgearsupply yet. Here is what I have.

This is my strap. I used the wrong stitch but I will redo that later.

My wavy bear mesmerizing seam. It confuses him so I have a couple more seconds to get away.

Parallel seam. More bear tactics. These will be used in all hammock in the near future.

In the case I made. It's double ended so I can pull it out easy. I got that idea from another HF member. Not sure who.
I will post pictures of it up when I get them.

It's 6'8" X 10'2" weighs 20 oz.

The Saban Model is coming soon. It's a process