Not for the UL Gram Weenie crowd, but for the hiker who carries bulky items, parents hiking with kids, or someone interested in a monthly re-supply this may be the pack you need.

I bought this with the intent of carrying the bulk of my wife's gear along with mine, however all she really does is car camp and it has literally been sitting in my gear closet for a few years now. I need to sell it to fund a cuben tarp and some other toys I want for when I hit the trail solo.

Details and information about the pack can be found here. A picture of it next to another pack for size comparison is in my gallery on Whiteblaze.

This pack is size M Medium - 95 L (5,797 in3) for torso sizes 16 - 17.5 in (40 - 44 cm) and the hip belt is Large - for waists 34 - 40 in (87 - 100 cm)

Priced over $340.00 new, I will ship in the lower 48 for $230.00. PayPal is my preference