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    Finely Patched Crowsnest

    Last winter, a somewhat comical cooking accident "from the hammock," that I'll save for another time, resulted in a couple of silver dollar sized holes melted in my beloved Hammock Gear Crowsnest UQ. As it turned out we were camping not too far from Lancaster, Oh. so one of our group offered to drop it by Hammock Gear to see about a repair. A week or so later I received my UQ back with the most beautifully performed repair I could have imagined. Hats off to Stormcrow for the quicker than expected turn around but I'd really like to give a shout out to Carolyn the talented seamstress who took the time to partially disassemble my quilt and sew the patch through the shell. It was a far more than I expected. Thanks Carolyn, you rock! Obviously Adam and Jenny truely value their customers and they've certainly earned my loyalty.

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