That's actually great to hear, Neo!

I think a lot of people are put off hammocking because of the people (like me) who rave about UQs which, lets face it, are quite spendy. It's good to have people who get pads to work for them- it takes all sorts of people to hammock.

If it's not too much of a tangent, how do you work your pad system? SPE? what kind of pad do you use?

Also, sounds like you're using 3/4 UQs- I wonder how a full length would work- sounds like the 3/4 ones are a steeper learning curve. I wonder if you could try adjusting the quilt on someone else so you can see what happens from outside of the hammock when it slips- just for the other people who do want to stick with quilts.

On the plus side I guess you'd sell 'em easy on the for sale forum.