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You always have limits. Mine are 12 feet for minimum span because of the tarp and 18 feet for maximum span because, as you point out, that is the height limit that I can reach for the 30 degree sag without a structural ridgeline. I also have limits on tree diameter. To borrow a line from a Clint Eastwood movie, "A man has to know his limitations".

What maximum span and tree diameter do you pack for? (You probably realize that what I am getting at is having suspension line, tree huggers, whatever, for unnecessarily long spans or for the largest diameter trees in the forest go against the pack light philosophy where you more carefully consider the tradeoffs and what your options are... not that there is anything wrong with doing otherwise.)
True, True - I initially pack all 4 options: 42" and 10' webbing and 42" and 10' cord tree huggers. Put them in external pocket. When I get the trail head, I then make an informed decision and limit to one of the 4. Personal preference is the 10' cord since it opens my options while being light.