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    Shamu eased Muttly's fall!

    Muttly sent me a PM saying that his new Shamu needed repair. I assumed that it was damaged when his hammock failed, and dumped him on the ground. His explanation of what really happened is below. I thought it was a hilarious testimonial, and Muttly gave me permission to post it here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muttly
    The fall through the hammock and onto the ground did nothing to the Shamu. Tough hombre! Unfortunately, the neighbors Pit Bull grabbed it yesterday while I stepped inside to check on the girls. I think the repair will be simple. I am still amazed at how well the Shamu fared. I was a little upset at first until Kim and and I saw how much resistance the Shamu put up. These repairs will be a source of pride. Just imaginge if this had been a regular down-filled bag. I shudder thinking about it. This is why I wanted this UQ!
    I like to say that Molly Mac Gear is nearly indestructible... but how do you design for potential Pit Bull attacks?

    - MacEntyre
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