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    Trip report - Lake Superior Area

    I had a quick trip over the weekend, and thought Iíd share some pictures.

    The trip was to Bayfield, Wisconsin. While Waukesha had temps in the high 80ís and low 90ís during the day, it was upper 70ís Ė low 80ís in Bayfield over the weekend. We arrived mid-morning on Saturday, and I was so tired I hung my JRB BMB out behind my parentís house for a couple hours of naptime. I must say, the BMB is a comfortable hammock, but I canít get over the stretch. Even after 2 Ĺ hours of hanging, the hammock stretched enough for me to be just off the ground. One of these days, Iíll have enough time to experiment with different suspensions to see if I can get rid of the stretch.

    After eating dinner, I loaded up my Clark NA for a stealth trip down the shoreline. I am saddened by the amount of development that has occurred on the shoreline that I spent my youth playing along. While they have kept the houses to a minimum and have generally kept them from building right on the water, the access to the shoreline is now private property. One of my favorite swimming/hanging out spots on the whole lake is now in private ownership. While no signs were posted, itís only a matter of time.

    I hiked a little further than I had planned, and located a small, secluded beach that I knew of from my younger days to hang from. This beach will never see another hammock unless the owners of the land decide to take up hammock camping, because there is a house being built just up the hill on the only access to this spot; besides the lake, of course. Big sandstone cliffs and thick brush surround the rest of the area, with a few houses set back from the cliffs in the neighborhood. The sound of the waves lapping up against the beach was incredible, and very restful as the waves drowned out all other sounds. I did a little swimming from my spot (water temps in the upper 60ís,) then retired to a small campfire and a good nightís sleep inside my Clark NA with my Exped WallCreeper. Temps were upper 50ís with a slight breeze Ė no need for a UQ Ė slept like a log.

    Some other pics from the weekend - BTW, I plan on getting some pics hanging below this lighthouse on my next trip up.

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